Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Did Someone Say "Entitled"?

Just curious, folks.  Have any of you seen the latest national campaign poll numbers?  Perhaps you've seen all of the swing-state numbers, or the demographic polling numbers.  I'm sure you have.  I'm sure that everyone has.  In fact, the only person whom it seems hasn't seen these polls is Mitt Romney.  Otherwise, he wouldn't have spent the past two days doubling down on what he said at a fundraiser earlier this year...

Monday, September 3, 2012

They Came For The Unionists

Originally published in 03/09/11

A few weeks ago a unit in my apartment building was robbed. I noticed it when I went downstairs to the basement laundry room to do my laundry and found the basement window broken, and the door to my neighbor’s apartment kicked in. Fortunately, my neighbor was not home at the time of the incident. Naturally I contacted the police, and naturally they came, asked me questions, did their investigations, and file a report for my neighbor for his insurance agent. No one was hurt, and the police were as efficient as always in these matters. In these times, it should be noted that the policemen in Philadelphia are all Public Sector employees, and they belong to the Fraternal Order of Police, a Public Sector union.

Now For Something Completely Different

The weekend before the Republican national convention, I implored folks that we needed to see the never ending river of hater-aid and crazy-stupid flowing from the GOP.  And man, they did not dissapoint.  We've seen speakers make their cases for their own re-election and/or their candidacy for 2016 (at the end of Obama's second term).  We've heard them tell their own life's stories, and tell us how evil Government intervention is ruining our country (ironic, given most of them ARE government).  We've seen their Vice Presidential candidate lie so badly that even FOX Nes called them out.  We seen them bash Obama, and were even treated to a bizarre empty chair monologue from Clint Eastwood.  And somewhere in all of that, there were pleas to vote for Mitt Romney.  Most of it forgettable, all of it predictable.  And if the post convention polling is any indication, Romney got all of the "bounce" of a bowling ball.