Tuesday, August 20, 2013

RNC's Hillary Protest - Don't Call It A Boycott.

This past Friday the Republican National Committee, under the leadership of Reince Preibus, voted to "boycott" NBC and CNN because of their respective plans to air programs featuring Hillary Clinton.  Their plan is to not air any of the 2016 GOP Primary debates on those networks.  Looking at this, a few things come to mind right off.  First, a "boycott" is actually supposed to cause some level of monetary damage to the person or entity being boycotted.  It's pretty hard to see how this hurts these two networks, since advertisers don't really pay much for ad space on debates.  NBC, being an entertainment network, stands to make more money on reruns of The Voice than from political debates.  Second, there really is supposed to be a goal involved in a boycott.  The idea is to force the target of your boycott into some kind of concession.  Does the RNC really think they're going to force NBC and CNN to drop their respective Hillary plans?  No.  They don't.  That's because this isn't really a boycott.  This is an attempt to hide the crazy.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Advice To Anthony Weiner: Just Do It

Anthony Weiner's dream of becoming mayor of New York is quickly becoming a nightmare because of new revelations of inappropriate on-line relationships.  It turns out that he was still sending out pics of his "Weiner" even after his disgraceful exit from the House of Representatives when these allegations first surfaced.  The really sad thing is that this is how Weiner will ultimately go out...over pictures.  No sex.  Just...pictures.