Tuesday, August 20, 2013

RNC's Hillary Protest - Don't Call It A Boycott.

This past Friday the Republican National Committee, under the leadership of Reince Preibus, voted to "boycott" NBC and CNN because of their respective plans to air programs featuring Hillary Clinton.  Their plan is to not air any of the 2016 GOP Primary debates on those networks.  Looking at this, a few things come to mind right off.  First, a "boycott" is actually supposed to cause some level of monetary damage to the person or entity being boycotted.  It's pretty hard to see how this hurts these two networks, since advertisers don't really pay much for ad space on debates.  NBC, being an entertainment network, stands to make more money on reruns of The Voice than from political debates.  Second, there really is supposed to be a goal involved in a boycott.  The idea is to force the target of your boycott into some kind of concession.  Does the RNC really think they're going to force NBC and CNN to drop their respective Hillary plans?  No.  They don't.  That's because this isn't really a boycott.  This is an attempt to hide the crazy.

During the 2012 GOP Primary Debates we heard their audiences cheer at Rick Perry's boast at his state having performed 300 executions, boo a Gay soldier serving in Iraq, and exclaim that people without health insurance should be allowed to die.  We heard Newt Gingrich propose constructing a base on the Moon, Mitt Romney make a $10,000 bet with Rick Perry, and Perry himself actually forget the three government agencies he would close.  Watching the debates was like watching a hilariously bad comedy skit.  And given the potential circus of 2016 (with potential acts from Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and Ted Cruz) one could see why the RNC would want to limit exposing their crazy-stupid to the world outside of the Fox News echo-chamber.

Speaking of Fox News, one should note that the NBC Hillary mini-series may be produced by none other than Fox studios.  The entertainment arm of the outfit that owns...wait for it...FOX NEWS.  When confronted by this little tidbit of information by CNN's Candy Crowley asking if Fox News would be included in his so-called boycott, Rinsed Pubics hemmed and hawed and gave a few "homina-homina-hominas" before finally revealing his hypocrisy and saying what amounted to a rather tepid "no".  Watch...


If you find it rather strange that Reince and the RNC would protest the idea of Hillary Clinton receiving an unfair amount of "extra" coverage by making it so they receive "less" coverage, that would be because this is not a protest.  It is not a boycott.  It is a strategy, and their phony outrage is merely a smokescreen.  The RNC wants to try and hide the fact that they've learned absolutely nothing from the 2012 elections.  They want to be able to spew their bigoted bile to as small an audience as possible, and are hoping that the rest of us don't notice.  Clearly the RNC hasn't heard of something called the Internet, or the fact that there are several other networks that will be covering the debates, and they all tend to share coverage, or that unlike their constituents, the rest of the country doesn't hole itself up with one news source that tells us just what we want to hear.  We will notice.  How many of the GOP Primary debates did we watch in 2012, and still the whole nation was able catch Rick Perry's "oops" moment.  They just can't help themselves.  You just know that someone in that crowd is going to say something stupid, and the ignorant hicks that they've spent the past 5 years working into terminal Obama-Derangement-Syndrome will lap it up to their embarrassment, and the embarrassment of the country.
As a strategy, this protest/boycott/hide-the-crazy-in-the-closet play is a loser one because it assumes that either the rest of the country hasn't already seen just how insane the GOP has become, or that the rest of the country has gone just as crazy-stupid.  Unfortunately for the Pube-man, neither is the case. This country has already endured 5 years of GOP insanity.  Trying to hide it now is like Marcus Bachmann trying to be on the down-low.  No one's buying it no matter how hard the RNC tries to pull it off.  The truth is this "boycott" has nothing at all to do with Hillary Clinton, and everything to do with trying to convince America that they've changed, and trying desperately to hide the fact that they really haven't.