Friday, February 22, 2013

Revenge of the (Nerds) Liberals

You know in High School there are three classes of students. The Nerds, the Cool Kids, and the groupies in between who divide themselves between the two.  Most of the groupies gravitate towards the Cool Kids. After all, they're the beautiful people, the jocks, the popular ones. These are the kids who always get invited to the best parties, belong to the best cliques, know all the best clubs, etc. But something tends to happen around the time these students become High School seniors. By this time most of them have heard the "your ass is getting out of this house when you turn 18" speech from their parents, and they figure it may be a good idea to bring their grades up to a point where they can get into some college with a dorm. This is when you see the groupies gravitate away from the Cool Kids and towards the Nerds, mostly out of desperation, because these are the people who get all of the good grades, study hard, and know the answers to all of the tests. And because they're usually not petty, vengeful, and vindictive, they're more than willing to do tutoring work (though some have been known to charge a nominal fee). Pretty soon these former jock groupies, now nerd groupies, find that nerd-dom is a rather neat place to be, not to mention practical when it comes to college evaluations. So what happens when the Nerds become more popular than the Cool Kids, and eventually start to outnumber them? The Nerds become the Cool Kids.

If only the Republicans in Washington would learn that lesson.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Master Debating

This past weekend I reached a Twitter milestone of 3,000 followers (Yay me!).  Now I'm not so delusional to think that all 3,000 of these followers care what I think, or are even actual people.  And quite a few of them are just Right-Wingers looking to...well...whatever, I don't know.  Obviously they've never read my bio (which I'm told is rather clever).