Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Master Debating

This past weekend I reached a Twitter milestone of 3,000 followers (Yay me!).  Now I'm not so delusional to think that all 3,000 of these followers care what I think, or are even actual people.  And quite a few of them are just Right-Wingers looking to...well...whatever, I don't know.  Obviously they've never read my bio (which I'm told is rather clever).

Anyhow, I like looking at the Twitter profiles of these Right-Wingers, or #tcot as they are known on Twitter (which stands for Top Conservatives On Twitter).  I especially like the bios that say that "I was blocked by Keith Olbermann," or "I was blocked by Rachel Maddow," or some other famous liberal, as if Keith, or Rachel, or anyone else who makes a living and pulling in 7 figure salaries actually care what they think, or have time to respond to them if they did.  And it's not just famous people.  Being blocked by any liberal on Twitter seems to fill these pathetic nutjobs with a kind of orgasmic joy that would rival being sexed their favorite pornstar. This is because they somehow see it as a badge of honor, as if being blocked is a concession to their crazed fact-free arguments.  The simple fact is that most of us in the real world have real lives, and if being blocked by Keith Olbermann is the most significant thing to happen in your really need to get one.

Twitter conservatives, indeed conservatives in general, love to delude themseves with the idea that the rest of the country is afraid of them.  Of course these are the people who live in fear of just about everything, whether it's smoking guns turning into mushroom clouds, Shariah Law that they've never heard of before 2009, the New Black Panthers, a Muslim caliphate, or some other boogeyman hiding in their closet.  What these wannabe Einsteins don't seem to understand, or don't want to, is that we liberals don't block them because we can't stand the non-existent power of their arguments.  We block them (or at least I do) because they have no arguments.  All they have are rants.

Calling Obama a Socialist, Communist, Fascist, Muslim, Kenyan dictator is not an argument, it's a rant.  Saying the government is coming for your guns and bibles isn't an argument, it's a rant.  Claiming that same-sex marriage will somehow make your marriage meaningless (as if you and the crack-whore you just picked up aren't doing a good job of that already) is not an argument.  Nor is saying that the Earth is 6,000 years old, claiming that liberals want to destroy America, believing ACORN stole the 2012 election, or regurgitating whatever you hear on Rush Limbaugh.  These aren't arguments.  They're just rants that have no basis in reality.  Now if all you want to do on Twitter is spread the word on the latest nutbag conspiracy that you dug up on Drudge, Breitbart, or Fox Nation, that's fine.  But just because you put my twitter handle in your rant doesn't mean I'm going to reflexively respond to you.  What's more likely to happen is I'll check out your profile, see all of the other hate filled tweets that you've posted, and I'll just block you.  Not because I think you're an intellectual super-genius, but because I think you're a freaking idiot.  Nothing that I say to you will ever penetrate the fact-free titanium reinforced bubble in which you've encased yourself, and I just don't have time for the drama.

If I'm to play the game of intellectual discourse on Twitter with you, it would require that you have the intellectual capacity to analyze, interpret, and accept facts that is at least equal to my own.  Otherwise, I'd just be playing with myself.  And frankly, there are lots of other places on the internet where I can go when all I want to do in front of the play with myself.