Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Was White America's Test...And It Failed MISERABLY! (Continuation of previous post)

This may very well come off as a rant, as I'm not really sure how I wish to express myself here.  I'm still trying to process what happened to this country as it has just elected an avowed racist, an admitted sexist and adulterer, a hateful xenophobic bigot, and outright buffoon President of the United States.  Ladies and gentlemen, introducing President Elect Donald Trump...White America's shame.

In my last post I submitted that electing Trump as president would affirm just about everything everyone else in this country thinks of White America.  Well, they did exactly that, and by significant margins. Now over the next weeks and months leading up to his inauguration (and the beginning of the end for equality as we know it) pundits will analyze all the reasons he won, why America chose him over the more qualified candidate, and how the polls got it so horribly wrong.  I can save them the trouble.  Put succinctly, the horrible truth is that White America as a collective race are a bunch of hateful, fearful, xenophobic bigots.  And when it came down to it, this was all about them "taking back" an America that they believe was stolen from them.

Think about that phrase for a minute, "I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK." For conservative White America everything is about what it costs for them.  Every act of charity comes with the parenthetical consideration of how it will inconvenience them financially or otherwise.  The whole idea of what they call "economic anxiety" is simply their resentment of others gaining what they have to what they feel is their detriment.  "How dare that NIGGER live in the White House and lead MY country", "How dare that SPIC take MY job", "How dare those FAGGOTS live in a better house than ME", "How dare that BITCH make more money than ME", "How dare those TOWELHEAD TERRORISTS teach MY children about TOLERANCE".  In Donald Trump they found a Great White Hope, the proxy racist misogynist who will say out loud all of the things they're too chickenshit to say in front of their Black friends.  Now, thanks to the media, these down-low racists are now emboldened, which is just how they want it.  In the end, this election wasn't about who had the better policy, who had the better qualifications, or who had the better temperament.  This was about White America's resentment and their perceived "disenfranchisement" over the past 8 years while the rest of us were able to enjoy a few morsels from the troth from which they've been feeding for the past 240 years.  When it came down to a choice between actual leadership and race hatred, White America chose hatred.

On a personal note, my heart is heavy as I write this, and filled with much dread.  In about 30 minutes or so, I must go in to a predominately White, conservative work environment, many of whom are Trump supporters.  Until now I've been able to tolerate their ideological leanings because of the way I was brought up.  But now I'm forced to wonder as the people flash me their best Colgate smiles in passing just what lurks beneath the surface.  When they see a Black man in my position, do they understand the hard work it took for me to get there, or are they thinking "what quota did they have to fill to hire him" (despite the fact that I've been there for 10 years)?  I believe that this morning for people of color, immigrants, gays and lesbians, Muslims, how they see their work culture is going to undergo a significant change.

White America, you've failed us.