The truth of the matter is that these people have had 6 whole years to make good on their "threat" (promise?) to form their own sovereign nation of Right-Wingistan, and yet to date they have made not one blessed move to do so, not even so much as a credible threat.  The only thing they've done was talk, vote, more talk, scream, more talk, wave their "Don't Tread On Me" flags, and oh  This is because that's all these people are capable of.

It used to be fun watching and listening to these wing-nuts go through their conniptions of threatening to secede, to impeach the President, to overthrow the government in some kind of coup.  Now it's just boring.  I mean, you can only make the same threat so many times before people either stop listening, or call you on it.  Right now, righties, I'm calling you on it.

If you hate this country so much that you want to secede, then do it already.  Stop getting our hopes up that we'll finally be rid of you, and just go.  Find a quiet little patch of dirt to form your little nation of unsophisticated, barely educated, mentally unstable inbreds, and get to steppin.  Because the truth is that the rest of us have grown beyond you.  We've grown beyond your bigotry, your ignorance, your homophobia, and would love nothing more than for you to just go somewhere where you can be happy living in the 18th century.  So how 'bout you just put your tri-corner tea-bag hat where your mouth is, and just secede already.  And don't let the doorknob hit ya where your Founding Fathers split ya.