Thursday, August 9, 2012

About This New Blog...

Hi folks.  I'm talking to you from my new blogging home of blogger (aka  I'm moving over here because our friends at GOOGLE have decided that my original home at may be harmful to your computer, and I can't get an answer from as to why.  So rather than go on a help-desk merry-go-round, better to just create a new blog here.  I'll be copying some of my more recent postings from to here.  You'll still be able to get to my older stuff at (Don't worry, I'm not going to blow away some of my best writing in years), just ignore the "may harm your computer" message if you search on Google (it won't).  As for this site, you can expect me to keep pissing off the Right-Wing Nut-jobs and Teabaggers with my unique liberal bias (also known as sane rational thinking and truth telling).

Oh, note the new name.  It seems that there are dozens of blogs titled "The World According To Me" so I decided to go with something more unique.  And you must admit, "Jawillie's World of Liberal Awesomeness" does stand out a bit (not to mention that it carries a ring of truth).

Anyhow, hope you'll all follow me here.  Please feel free to comment (even you righties, since I know you're watching).  And for all you twitterphiles, the handle is still @jawillie.

Luv ya.